About Our Ship-to-Ship Transfer Companies

Global VE Trading Pte Ltd
Southern Ace Marine Sdn Bhd

Formerly Known as Global Oil Terminal Pte Ltd
(Incorporated in Singapore on 6 May 2009)

Our History

9 Coastal Tankers, Fully Chartered Out at
The Height of the Industry During 2010s


Owner of 5 Floating Storage Units (FSU), 6 Utility & 1 Supply Tug

Incorporated in Malaysia on 8 February 2017

License Holder of Johor Bahru & Kukup Port Limit Anchorages

Access to an Exclusive Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) System That Offers Services Covering Every Aspect of a Ship Calling a Port

Your One-Stop Shop for Ship-to-Ship Needs

Our Strengths & Full Suite of STS Services

  • Pilotage & Mooring Masters for mooring and unmooring operations.
  • Short or Long term vessel anchorage within our anchorage space.
  • Person in Overall Advisory Control (POAC)/ Safety Superintendent to oversee STS operations.
  • Supply of Yokohama pneumatic fenders and cargo transfer hose.
  • Our own fleet of service and supply tugs
  • Provision of port agency services.
  • Providing owners with all the details for a typical Port Disbursement Account (PDA) for each STS operation, via only one point of contact with multiple parties. Enjoy increased convenience, safety, and hassle-free coordination.
  • Floating Storage Units with a Total Cargo Capacity of 6.42 million barrels, fully equipped with a facility for oil blending, agitation, and heating.
  • Tug Fleet (Powered by 2 main engines with 70 tons Bollard Pull capability).
  • STS Equipment from Yokohama, a leading brand recognized worldwide.
  • Licensed STS Operator managed by a competent and dedicated management team with extensive technical and operational expertise.
  • Anchorage License Holders.
  • Port Agencies for all clearance and STS permit (One-stop Port Agency).

A Full Range of Marine Services From Our Group Of Ship-to-Ship Companies

Your One-Stop Ship-to-Ship Transfer Solution Hub

Anchorage License Holder

Anchorage License Holder

Contemporary Logistics Sdn Bhd

As an official anchorage license holder, we guarantee secure, compliant operations, upholding the highest industry standards for your peace of mind always.

Floating Storage Owner

Floating Storage Owner

Global VE Trading Pte Ltd

As a verified floating storage owner, we provide efficient, secure storage solutions at sea, optimizing your oil supply chain for utmost reliability and flexibility.

STS Provider & Management

STS Provider & Management

Southern Ace Marine Sdn Bhd
VE Marine Services Pte Ltd
Intercon Marine Services Sdn Bhd

We excel in STS provision and management, delivering dependable, safe, and environmentally responsible oil transfer solutions at sea.

Tugboat Fleet

Tugboat Fleet

JS Tugs Services Sdn Bhd

With our own fleet of tugboats, we facilitate efficient STS operations, enhancing safety, control, and reliability throughout the entire oil transfer process.

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