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Leveraging over two decades of expertise in the marine industry, we take pride in being the foremost provider of secure and efficient Ship-to-Ship Transfer in South East Asia. Experience hassle-free STS transfers with our superior solutions. Our seasoned team, armed with an advanced fleet and top-tier equipment, provides smooth, efficient operations tailored to your needs.


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Anchorage License Holder

Anchorage License Holder

Contemporary Logistics Sdn Bhd

As an official anchorage license holder, we guarantee secure, compliant operations, upholding the highest industry standards for your peace of mind always.

Floating Storage Owner

Floating Storage Owner

Global VE Trading Pte Ltd

As a verified floating storage owner, we provide efficient, secure storage solutions at sea, optimizing your oil supply chain for utmost reliability and flexibility.

STS Provider & Management

STS Provider & Management

Southern Ace Marine Sdn Bhd
VE Marine Services Pte Ltd
Intercon Marine Services Sdn Bhd

We excel in STS provision and management, delivering dependable, safe, and environmentally responsible oil transfer solutions at sea.

Tugboat Fleet

Tugboat Fleet

JS Tugs Services Sdn Bhd

With our own fleet of tugboats, we facilitate efficient STS operations, enhancing safety, control, and reliability throughout the entire oil transfer process.

Making Ship-to-Ship Transfer in Malaysia a Breeze For You

Ship-to-ship (STS) oil transfers are a routine part of the oil and gas industry, involving the transfer of crude oil or petroleum products from one ship to another while at sea. However, this process comes with several pain points or challenges, including:

1. Environmental Risks: STS oil transfers have the potential for significant environmental damage if something goes wrong. Oil spills can have devastating effects on marine life and habitats, and clean-up efforts can be costly and time-consuming.

2. Operational Complexity: Coordinating two large vessels at sea is a complex task that requires careful planning and execution. Timing, positioning, and communication must be precise to ensure a successful transfer. Moreover, weather conditions can have a significant impact on the operation, adding another layer of complexity.

3. Safety Concerns: STS operations carry inherent safety risks for the crew involved. This includes potential risks from oil fumes, fire hazards due to the volatile nature of petroleum products, and physical injuries from operating heavy equipment in a potentially unstable environment.

4. Regulatory Compliance: STS operations are subject to international maritime laws and regulations. Non-compliance can result in significant penalties and legal complications. Ensuring compliance often requires considerable paperwork and meticulous record-keeping.

5. Logistics and Cost: Organizing a STS transfer involves managing numerous logistical details, such as finding suitable locations for the operation, coordinating schedules of both vessels, and arranging necessary support services like tugs or emergency response services. These operations can be expensive, and unexpected delays or complications can quickly escalate costs.

6. Equipment Integrity: The equipment used in STS transfers, including fenders, hoses, and mooring equipment, must be maintained in good condition to ensure safety and prevent leaks or spills. The harsh marine environment and constant use can lead to wear and tear on these essential components, requiring regular inspection, maintenance, and replacement.

7. Human Error: Despite advances in technology, STS operations still rely heavily on human involvement. Miscommunication, lack of training, fatigue, or simple errors can lead to major incidents.

8. Security: In some parts of the world, STS operations may be at risk from piracy or other security threats, requiring additional measures to ensure the safety of the crew and the cargo.

The key to managing these challenges lies in proper planning, execution, and monitoring, alongside investing in crew training and the right equipment. Technologies such as real-time tracking, automated systems, and improved communication tools can also help mitigate some of these pain points.

This is where we can help. With over two decades of experience, our team can help you avoid costly delays or mistakes, and make your STS operation a breeze. Get in touch with us today to explore our turnkey solutions that will save you more time, money, and effort.

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We prioritize safety, environmental responsibility, and regulatory compliance, mitigating risks and complexities in STS transfers. Our meticulously maintained fleet and cutting-edge equipment ensure reliability, while our dedicated professionals handle logistics with precision. Trust us to transform your STS challenges into successful outcomes. Choose us for your STS solutions – we navigate the tough waters, so you don’t have to.”